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The Top 10 Funniest David Sedaris Stories from This American Life

Posted on: July 13, 2010

David Sedaris is my favourite contributer to This American Life, and I wait in anticipation when Ira Glass announces who is contributing in each episode. Luckily, David has appeared more than 40 times, and has shared many great stories. I especially enjoy his comedic stories when told to a live audience.

Here is the list of my top 10 funniest David Sedaris stories from This American Life:

#1 – Santa Claus Vs. The Easter Bunny from episode 148: The Angels Wanna Wear My Red Suit
The hilarious description of Easter as discussed in a beginner’s French class and translated by David Sedaris. This is my favourite story by David Sedaris from all his CDs and it’s even better when performed live in San Fransisco.

#2 Accidental Deception from episode 173: Three Kinds of Deception
David as perceived by American tourists on a subway.

#3 In The Youth In Asia from episode 154: In Dog We Trust
The hard life of being a pet in the Sedaris family.

#4 Graveyard Shift from episode 319: And the Call Was Coming from the Basement
Stories from the morgue…

#5 Conservation Of Energy And Matter from episode 214: Family Physics
The wonders of the stadium pal and urinating in public.

#6 Don’t They Know It’s Christmas After All from episode 201: Them
David Sedaris describes what the Dutch do at Christmas.

#7 Repeat After Me from episode 277: Apology
David talks about his sister Lisa and her parrot.

#8 The Family That Reads Together from episode 137: The Book That Changed Your Life
The Sedaris children discover a poorly written dirty book.

#9 Act one from episode 23: Drama Bug
David Sedaris describes how he annoyed his family with ye old English

#10 Papa Was Not A Rolling Stone from episode 104: Music Lessons
David is forced to take guitar lessons to live the dream of his father.

If you happened to fill in the recent survey on TAL, it should be no surprise that I suggested more of David’s stories 🙂
More David Sedaris on This American Life


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